"Dark stores" tax discussion continues in Michigan

By Riley James
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

The Michigan Tax Tribunal has had many discussions about passing a law that will lower the taxes of big-box stores like Kohl’s, Meijer, and Walmart. These discussions and proposed bills have been referred to as “dark stores.”

“What is being discussed is the proper evaluation and taxation of large, retail stores,” said Tricia Kinley, the senior director of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. “‘Dark stores’ is really just lingo. It’s a topic. It’s been coined as ‘dark stores.’ It’s really more of a debate, and it’s a topic that is going on.”

The dark stores discussion is to assess and tax the big-box stores fairly because many corporations and representative groups, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, feel that the stores are being over-taxed.

Pollution cleanup law effective at two sites

Capital News Service
LANSING – The dance between businesses and environmental protection took a giant step – in one direction or the other – with recent changes to Michigan’s environmental cleanup law. The law was changed last year to provide a clearer path to completion by those responsible for the contaminatiomn without sacrificing protection. It also sets priority projects based on the threat they pose to the environment and public health. “I get the sense that the business community is supportive of the reforms,” Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Dan Wyant said. “We try to be balanced and meet with environmental and business groups.