Youth academy exposes younger residents to police life

By Tamar Davis
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

The Meridian Township Police Department is currently on its 10-year anniversary with organizing its youth academy and hopes to impact the community and youth of Okemos, Haslett and other parts of Ingham County. “This isn’t just to benefit the people of Meridian Township, but to also benefit and impact the relationship youth has with law enforcers.” police Sgt. Scott Dawson said. “It’s an opportunity for us to let teenagers know that we are normal people, and we’re not always out to get them and bust their parties.”

Meridian Police Department Youth Academy brings law-enforcement education to students

By Samantha VanHoef
The Meridian Times

Haslett High School junior Kailea Williams has always wanted to be a police officer. But for as long as she can remember, Williams has been told by classmates that she shouldn’t. Williams has been told she would get killed, shot in the face, or not be allowed because she is a girl. But on Wednesday nights, Williams gets a taste of the job she dreams of. “People can tell you everything bad about it … but you just feel like you need to do (the job),” Williams said.

Meridian awarded safety grant

By Justin Polk
Meridian Times staff writer

School safety has been a very important topic in government. Meridian township has taken that a step further. In a press release by Meridian Township the state of Michigan awarded Meridian more than $19,000 for school safety. One way safety can be attained is by reducing response times of emergency officials. According to the press release, that is where the money of this grant will go.