Traveling pictorial exhibit showcases Meridian Township history

Meridian Township is celebrating its 175th Anniversary. As part of the celebration, a pictorial exhibit about the history of Meridian is traveling around the area. Communications Director Deborah Guthrie got the idea for the exhibit while she was traveling through Chicago. As she visited different museums in different areas, she saw a new way to view history. “I was trying to think about ways in which we can present the Meridian Township history by bringing it to where people go, bringing it around and exposing it in different areas and asking other people to celebrate with us by hosting the traveling pictorial,” said Guthrie.

Wonch Park summer renovations completed

The Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department have wrapped up the renovations at Wonch Park this month. Residents now enjoy a new set of outdoor fitness equipment, a new perimeter loop pathway, a repaved parking lot and a large mural displayed at the entrance of the park. “Wonch Park was really one that we needed to get at,” said LuAnn Maisner, director of Parks and Recreation. “It needed some love, it was tired. It’s one of the oldest parks in our community and was important for us to get that taken care of.”

The outdoor fitness equipment has created a great buzz in the community.

CRC’s “Strike Out for a Cause” raised more than $1,000 for emergency needs

By Madeline Carino
Meridian Times staff writer

Human Services Specialist Darla Jackson said the goal was to raise $1,000. Three hours and 40 bowlers later, “Strike Out for a Cause” raised $1,132. The proceeds will be added to the Community Resources Commission (CRC) Emergency Needs Fund. City Limits East Bowling Center hosted the fundraiser on Saturday, March 29. The CRC Emergency Needs Fund helps Meridian Residents in financial crisis.