Mega Shabbat returns to Spartan Stadium

Every Friday, Jewish people around the world celebrate the day of rest, Shabbat. 

But today’s Shabbat on the MSU campus will be bigger than a normal Friday night, it will be ‘mega.’ 

Spartan Stadium is where MSU Chabad, a family-run student group, is bringing back Mega Shabbat for the first time since 2019. 

“Great experience being able to be in a communal place with so many other Jews,” said MSU Senior Jared Pazner. Making a kitchen ready to serve Jewish foods, and is boiling hot too. They’re making a Kosher kitchen to make sure dairy and meat do not mix, which is forbidden. 

Rabbi Bentzion Shemtov, MSU Chabad Rabbi said, “Being throughout the year that kitchen was used for cooking non-Kosher foods, in order to now use the kitchen to cook Kosher it has to go through an extra set of cleansing process.” 

Dinner consists of juice foods like homemade brisket, with family and fellow Jews. 

Plus a taste of the homeland, bringing the Western Wall 6000 miles closer to East Lansing. 

It means the world to these spartans after the recent terror attacks unfolding in Israel and the war affecting many Jewish people in Ukraine. 

“I know that being so far away from the action is sometimes hard to imagine what they’re going through, the pain and suffering,” said Pazner.