Mason Middle School updates stimulate student growth

By Micaela Colonna
Mason Times staff writer

The Mason Board of Education met Monday, March 10, at Mason Middle School to discuss changes to the building’s appearance, as well as recent advances in the classroom. The meeting included updated curricula information and a school tour by Principal Dan McConeghy. Updates have appeared in Jake Lator’s classroom. The Mason seventh and eighth grade math teacher has incorporated Response to Intervention, a learning approach to help struggling students, as well as iPads and BuzzMath into his lectures to help stimulate an eagerness to learn. McConeghy said he believes using this 21st century technology will pique student interest in mathematics.

City of Mason reveals new mission statement

By Cody Harrell
Mason Times staff writer

The Mason City Council presented a new city mission statement at its meeting Monday. Mayor Leon Clark said the mission statement was run by the council through a number of programs held in January. Clark said the council developed the mission statement by weighing the strengths and weaknesses of the city and positively collaborating with all council members. “Developing the mission statement allowed the council to really work together as a team,” Clark said. The new mission statement of Mason reads:

Mason is a community founded upon a respect for our historic past, while encouraging an atmosphere that values family, business, the environment and arts, creating a sense of place for present and future generations.