DeWitt Public Schools evolving to best connect with students

By Rachel Bidock
Clinton County Staff Reporter

DEWITT — Emily Macintire said that part of her reason for choosing to live in DeWitt was because of its public school system. “We had heard good things,” Macintire said. “We just moved here in August so we’ve only been here for a short period of time, but I can already tell that they are kind of ahead of the game.”

Having strong schools can be an important draw for residents. But what makes a school strong? According to Patricia Edwards at the College of Education at Michigan State University, what makes a school district successful is more than just being able to teach, it is about being able to reach a wide variety of students.

GL early evolvement and long-term effects

By Kaitlin Petrillo
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

As of late, Grand Ledge City Hall isn’t just a place for legislating. It’s a home to learning, too. February through May, Youth Services Coordinator Ruth Thompson reads children stories to Grand Ledge’s preschoolers Tuesday mornings at City Hall. Parents and other family members accompany their 3- to 6-year-olds for a variety of stories and literacy enhancing activities. “It helps kids learn structure.

Bath High School is small in numbers, but large in opportunity

By Holly Osmer
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

BATH — Bath High School has a graduation rate of 87 percent with about 70 percent of those graduates moving on to college, according to Bath High School Principal Matt Dodson. When looking at post-high school life, there are a few options students can look into. If they obtained adequate American College Testing (ACT) scores and were able to earn a sufficient grade-point average (GPA), their first choice may be to attend a college or university, but it takes more than good scores to be prepared for the collegiate environment. “We have a state-approved computer science program and our computer science courses are articulated with Lansing Community College (LCC), so our students get college credit for their high school courses,” said Dodson. “We also run a media production course.”

“All of the CTE (Career and Technical Education) classes and Automated Accounting are articulated to LCC,” said Bath Computer Teacher Gloria Bond. “That means that students who take these classes as a junior or senior and earn an 80 percent get credit for the classes at LCC.

Preuss Pets is not just a store. It's a classroom, too

By Cynthia Lee
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

The Preuss Pet store  has been active for 30 years, offering a wide selection of marine and fresh water animals, small animals like gerbils, ferrets, guinea pigs, and a large variety of reptiles. The store also offers more than the chance to adopt an animal, but to learn about them as well. The pet store has a education department collaborating with schools with science fun day, as well going to school classrooms to expose students to live animals. “The educational services Preuss Pets offers a way of bringing fresh faces to Old Town,” said Austin Ashley, who is the community director of Old Town Commercial Association. Ashley added, “They offer educating the community on animals and their well-being.

Hope Middle School Holds Math Carnival to "Build a Bridge" of Learning

By Caleb Nordgren
Holt Journal staff writer

Rarely is a middle school basketball court reserved for math. Hope Middle School’s Feb. 25 Math Carnival was an exception to that rule, however. Parents and students gathered in Hope’s gym at 6 p.m. for a night of math-based games. Everyone who attended was given $20 in fake money to play the games, and at the end of the night, players traded in their funny money for raffle tickets.