New apple storage containers extend life of apples

Capital News Service
LANSING – A new technique would allow Michigan apples to be stored longer without draining their freshness. JMT US, a French company with Okemos offices, recently finished a six-month study of expanding the freshness of stored apples at Michigan State University. The purpose of the study was to compare the apple quality in controlled atmosphere modules with regular cold room storage, according to a recent Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) report. “It’s making a large box that can hold up to 800 pounds of apples into a modified atmosphere container, which limits the gas movement inside through membranes on the lid of the box,” said Randy Beaudry, a MSU horticulture professor. The low oxygen and elevated carbon dioxide levels in these containers keep the apples from spoiling.

Lansing Infrastructure: Can Proposal 1 Save It?

By Emma-Jean Bedford
and Ian Wendrow 
Listen Up, Lansing

LANSING-The question on everyone’s mind lately has been: “What’s happening with these roads?” But it’s not just roads that are troublesome. Lansing has recently been dealing with issues related to low residential population, a distinct lack of diverse businesses, and overall deteriorating infrastructure. An effort to address infrastructure funding is currently on the upcoming May 5 ballot, titled Proposal 1. Proposal 1 is a ballot initiative meant to raise funds, mostly for new road work, through changes in taxes. If passed, the House Fiscal Agency, a non-partisan agency within the House of Representatives that analyzes the financial effects of Michigan legislation, estimates that the tax increase would raise about $2.1 billion this fiscal year; of which $1.23 billion would go towards roads, $463.1 million to the state’s general fund, $292.4 million to schools and $89.9 million to local governments.

Lansing Businesses Behind the Scenes

By Ray Wilbur
Listen Up, Lansing

Bustling bars, sandwich shops, and cafés – downtown Lansing is an environment that’s always changing, and always finding new ways to attract more people. Businesses in Lansing are vital to the quality of life of its inhabitants, and numerous organizations in the state of Michigan work to attract and keep businesses in the Lansing area to keep the quality of life of it’s families high. The Lansing Economic Area Partnership or LEAP is one of these organizations and works daily to bring new businesses to Lansing and the tri-county area. “We’re tasked with attracting new businesses to Lansing, and also helping to grow those businesses, so they can provide jobs for families,” LEAP Chief Operating Officer Steve Willobee said. LEAP has helped bring such companies as Niowave Inc., and Farm Bureau Insurance to Michigan and the Lansing area, and continually works with GM to grow customer awareness of new cars being built in Michigan.