Dispensaries growing as Lansing struggles to regulate

By Alexander Smith
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Medical marijuana dispensaries are all over Lansing, and each one is different. Some look professional, others look questionable, and on some streets, they are right across from each other. Spacing between dispensaries is one of the many regulations laid out in the official city ordinance, but the ordinance has never been enforced. In State of Michigan v. McQueen, the Michigan Supreme Court upheld that the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act does not permit patient-to-patient transfers of marijuana. In his dissent, former Justice Michael F. Cavanagh said the majority’s decision meant “…virtually all medical-marijuana dispensaries are illegal and thus enjoinable as a nuisance because those operations facilitate patient-to patient transfers of marijuana.”

City Ordinance 1168 was passed in 2011 and laid out regulations and licensing procedure for dispensaries in Lansing.

Little-known agencies affect everyday life

Capital News Service
LANSING — Sick of watching training videos of how to safely work in an office and how to avoid passing on a virus to your coworkers when you get a cold? Don’t blame the governor or the Legislature. Safety and health training and education are the work of the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In fact, many agencies you’ve never heard of have a powerful influence on Michigan residents, most of them involved in the creation and enforcement of rules and regulations. “Every law has rules,” said Andy Such, director of environmental and regulatory policy at the Michigan Manufacturers Association.