Lansing welcomes Women’s Premiere Soccer League franchise

By Jaylyn Galloway
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

“I play soccer, because I like working on a team to achieve a common goal,” Jackie Baratta, a Lansing resident, said. It is important for girls to play sports to not only get the team experience — which will be important for school projects as well as future work experiences — it is also good mentally and physically, Baratta said. The sentiment of girls getting involved in sports is shared among the Lansing community as a new addition has been made to the Hope Sports Complex/ hill SBC Soccer Club. The club will now have a semi-professional Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) team. “We stopped after high school, now we continue for serious players in the womens’ soccer league,” Julie Mullin, general manager of the complex and owner of the Chill SBC Soccer Club said.

New soccer field helps community integration

By Isaac Constans
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Hidden in the shadow of the Capitol, squeezed between 120’ x 60’ walls, on top of ground-up shoe soles and synthetic grass lies the international hub of Lansing. Beacon Field, opened Sept. 2, has quickly captivated neighbors and visitors as the prime location to meet a diverse crowd while communally enjoying “the beautiful game.”

Such has been the experience for Chad Stevenson and his three sons, Jacob, Matthew, and Nicholas. They make the four-minute drive to Beacon Field at least once a week, and he thinks the ritual has been hugely beneficial for his sons. “I think (Beacon Field) is special because these boys are playing players from all different countries and all different skill levels, and it’s definitely making them a lot better,” Chad Stevenson said.