Lansing School Board appoints 2 new members

The Lansing School Board appointed two new members to the board at a regular meeting on Feb. 1. After a 4-3 vote, Michigan State University Senior Research Associate Nathan Burroughs and CEO/Leader Physician at Care Free Medical Clinic, Dr. Farhan Bhatti, were chosen as the new members of the board. Burroughs, who interviewed for the position at the previous meeting via Skype, said he knows it will be a while until he feels confident with the dynamics of a school board. “Despite having some expertise I’m fully aware that I have a steep learning curve,” Burroughs said.

Eastern High building sold; campus to move

By Jaylyn Galloway
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Eastern High School will close its doors for good in five years after the Lansing School Board of Education approved the selling of the school to Edward Sparrow Hospital Association. On Jan. 20 the board voted to sell the high school to Sparrow for $2.5 million after the hospital outbid Capital Area Housing Partnership by about $1 million. The purchase didn’t seem to come as a shock to the students that attend the  school. “We knew it was coming,” Ericia Hoffman, a senior at Eastern, said.

Drug testing may be on its way for Lansing prep athletes

By Meg Dedyne
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

Myra Ford, policy committee chair for the Lansing School District Board of Education called the policy committee meeting to order on Oct. 29 at 1:30 p.m. Then all talk turned to drugs – drug tests in Lansing schools that is. One of the biggest items on the meeting agenda was the policy of drug tests for student-athletes in the Lansing School District. There are two options to the policy, according to the board. Option one is that students enrolled in a sport have to take a drug test prior to their season and this drug test is the responsibility of the parents to administer.

Montessori Scores Higher

 Lansing’s Wexford Montessori Magnet School earned the higher MEAP scores in the Lansing School District last year, which will help students if Michigan passes a proposed bill to hold back third-graders who under-perform in reading.  House Bill No. 5111 introduced on Oct. 29 by Rep. Amanda Price states that beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, any third grader that does not score “proficient” on the reading section of the MEAP will not be permitted to move on to fourth grade. Wexford Montessori Magnet School, a K-8 school, is one of  the 24 public Montessori schools in the state of Michigan and is therefore required to administer the MEAP.

Budget Crunch for Lansing Sports

The Lansing school district has been experiencing significant budget cuts over the last few years as a result of both economic hardship and people leaving for surrounding areas. The school’s programs and teams have not been able to avoid this crisis and as a result, have had to cut back on resources or cease to exist all together (for example Lansing Sexton high school no longer has a marching band or golf team). There is speculation that pay-to-play could be coming to the Lansing school district. Surrounding area schools, like DeWitt are ‘paying-to-play’ up to $300 dollars depending on the sport. There is even talk of consolidating the Lansing high schools in the next couple years.