Downtown nightlife violence not a myth in Lansing

By Meg Dedyne
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Nyasha Makoni and a group of her friends were eating at a restaurant downtown Lansing a few months ago when they decided to check out a few of the bars around that area. As they approached the entrance to one of the bars, she said they quickly thought otherwise when a man ran out of the bar and shot a gun four times in the air. “It was honestly the scariest moment of my life. I saw a bunch of people run out of the bar and then a man ran out and all I saw was a black object that he was holding in the air,” Makoni said. “We started running with the rest of the crowd and then heard the shots fired in the air.”

Makoni, who is a senior at Michigan State University, said that it was an experience that made her decide never to go back to the bars in Lansing again.