Lansing City Hall may be on the move

By Ryan Squanda
The Lansing Star

LANSING — Sometimes when it rains it pours. But in the case of Lansing’s city hall building – which has served Michigan’s capital city for the better part of 60 years – it pours right through the windows. This is a sight seen all too often at the Lansing City Hall, and it’s a big reason why its days housing Lansing’s governing offices may be numbered. “It’s showing its age and the mechanics of the building are terribly outdated,” said Randy Hannan, executive assistant to Mayor Virg Bernero. “So we’re taking a serious look at either looking for a new building or retrofitting our current one.”

In addition to the fact that the building is terribly outdated, Hannan added that there are a third fewer employees working in the City Hall building today than 10 years ago, in which case the city hall may not need all the space it currently has.