Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo generates business for Lansing









By Micah Davis 
Listen Up, Lansing

Michigan businesses geared up for the 15th annual Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo and according to some local Lansing businesses, it proved to be a big success. The event took place at the Lansing Center February 6-8, and the Kohler Expos’ website states there were over 275 exhibits that attended. April Bogdanski, current manager at local Lansing bakery, Bake N’ Cakes, said that the expo most definitely has increased business at their bakery. According to Bogdanski, the expo gets word out to the community and shows what they are capable of. “We see a huge increase even just within the three days that we are doing the expo,” said Bogdanski.

Is it time to liven up Lansing?

By Kristen Alberti
Listen Up, Lansing

LANSING-There’s no denying that East Lansing’s downtown scene can keep students occupied, but doing the same thing night after night can turn dull. However, an increase in boredom has still not increased the amount of students giving Downtown Lansing a try. With being just 5 miles up Michigan Avenue from East Lansing, Lansing should seem like the next best thing. However, Michigan State University Professor Bonnie Knutson, an expert in changing consumer lifestyle and buying trends; strategic brand marketing; and marketing research, has found otherwise. When Knutson had a client opening a Mexican restaurant in the Eastwood Towne Center, located west of U.S. Highway 127 and just north of Lake Lansing Road, she tried to help her client attract more students to the area.