Lansing Board of Education Regular Meeting

The main topic of disscussion was a lack of music education in Lansing’s middle and elementary schools, including Otto Middle School which serves Old Town, when the Lansing Board of Education met Thursday, Oct. 20. The Lansing School District’s music program has been on the decline, explained James Davis, the district’s deputy superintendent.  Davis and other board members cited lack of fifth grade and elementary music programs as well as mediocre middle school music classes as the root of the problem that stems into smaller high school bands and orchestras. “We need to revisit the issue of band and strings at the elementary level,” said Myra
Ford, secretary of the Lansing Board of Education. Because of past cuts, Lansing Public Schools currently do not have any band, strings or orchestra programs at the elementary level, only generic music classes that are
primarily vocal music oriented, explained the Deputy Superintendent James