Is Capitol building a landmark of Lansing?

By Meg Dedyne
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Kaylee Mead drives her usual 45-minute commute from Brighton to Lansing every morning on her way to work and said there is one thing she always notices — the Michigan State Capitol. Mead has been interning and working at the Capitol for three years now and said that every morning her commute is worth it because she loves driving in and seeing the State Capitol building accompanied by a beautiful sunrise. “Not growing up around here, I never thought of Lansing as much more than the Capitol of Michigan,” Mead said. “Now that I drive here every morning, I love seeing the Capitol building because it is familiar and actually really pretty.”

According to Mead, she and others in her office think of the Capitol building as iconic. “I hope that most people would think of the Capitol as an icon and make a point to visit it if they aren’t from around here,” Mead said.