The request to rezone preserved land withdrawn by the Planning Commission

By Kelsey Banas
The Meridian Times

The Planning Commission motioned to withdraw the rezoning of land request first initiated in Meridian Township at the meeting on Aug. 11. The requested rezone of township-owned land is approximately 16 acres from C-2, commercial, to RR, rural residential, located on the east side of Saginaw Highway between Lake Lansing and Newton roads. The Planning Commission initiated a rezoning of some of one of the Township properties, which is a land preserve. The commission held a public hearing where the Land Preservation Advisory Board met and discussed the rezoning and was opposed to it.

Partnership in Question Over Prescribed Burns

Usually the Land Preservation Committee of Meridian Township assesses ways to keep land, animals, and the environment safe. But on July 20, they were speaking with Ingham County Parks about ways to burn some land down. I love this lead! Ingham Country is looking to be supported by the Land Preservation Committee for prescribed burns, and brought three self-owned areas of land into observation at the discussion. Prescribed burns are controlled slow burning fires used to promote forest management.