Changes occurring on the Lansing Township Board of Trustees

By Grant Essenmacher
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

The Lansing Township Board of Trustees has made changes at its supervisor position. Kathy Rodgers, who served as the supervisor for three years and held public office for 30 years, retired on Feb. 29. The board has elected Trustee Diontrae Hayes to serve the remainder of Rodgers term, which ends in November. They now have an open trustee position, and are accepting applications for that position until March 18.

Say good-bye to the potholes: More Lansing Township road repairs planned for this spring

By: Grant Essenmacher
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

Lansing Township this spring will continue to repair roads as spelled out in a comprehensive road plan in 2015. The plan is based on the road department’s analysis of which streets need to be redone in an effort to improve road conditions for citizens. Every year in March, the township’s Board of Trustees approves what they want to spend to redo the roads, and Ingham County matches whatever amount they approve. The amount of streets the board decides to redo is dependent on the budget, according to Board Supervisor Kathy Rodgers. “Typically, the roads that need to be redone the most we redo first,” Rodgers said.

How will the government shutdown impact Lansing Township?

By Nick Somoski

LANSING TOWNSHIP – The U.S. federal government officially shut down at 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday, Oct. 1, and although the effects are minimal in Lansing Township, local residents may want to be informed of what to expect. This shutdown, the first in 17 years, is the product of a disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over future spending for the new Affordable Care Act, new provisions of which went into effect the same day. Supervisor Kathy Rodgers said that most Lansing Township residents should not worry about the partial shutdown because it is unlikely to affect them directly. “There is nothing for us to prepare for,” Rodgers said.