DeWitt High School gears up to help students become “college and career ready”

By Emily Griffes
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

When Dr. John Deiter became the DeWitt School District’s superintendent this January, one of his first decisions was to create a full-time director of curriculum, instruction and assessment. He did this to allow DeWitt schools to thrive with the new curriculum standards that Michigan adopted.  

In June 2010, Michigan was the 40th state to adopt the Common Core State Standards Initiatives for k-12 education. This initiative outlines specific knowledge standards that students need to gain in each step of their education. The goal of these standards is to better prepare students for college and career readiness.

Snyder’s budget proposal cuts local schools’ funding

By Emily Griffes
Bath-Dewitt Connection staff writer

When Gov. Snyder spoke about his proposed 2012 budget with the legislature on Feb. 17, one theme rang true: shared sacrifice. But it seems that some are expected to share that sacrifice more than others. “We have a significant challenge we’re going to face with… our schools from a financial perspective,” Snyder said. With the more than $500 million reduction in K-12 education spending, local school districts, including DeWitt, look ahead with unsure expectations.