Jaycee and Oak parks to undergo expansions in near future

By Madison Morse
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

Two of Grand Ledge’s most well-known parks are getting a makeover. Starting this construction season, Jaycee Park and Oak Park will be undergoing expansions. The motion was brought forward at the April 11 City Council meeting. The additions will be made to fit the needs of the community, according to City Administrator Adam Smith. “The acquisition will provide for the expansion of Jaycee Park and enhance a connector trail for the existing river walk and new non-motorized trail facility,” said Smith.

Grand Ledge Emergency Services will be training in old scout building

By DeVinnia Moore
Living in the Ledge staff reporter

A motion to authorize the Grand Ledge Area Emergency Services Authority to conduct training exercises at the so-called old scout building was approved during a city council meeting on Oct. 12. “The building was used most recently as a community center, senior center, reception hall and during community festivals,” said Fire Chief Casey Godlewski. “It got its name because it was used as a meeting place for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts in years past.”

Back in July, the city council approved the decision to demolish the old scout building located in Jaycee Park. “There were concerns regarding its structural integrity,” City Administrator Adam Smith said.