Old Town not subject to the new Bus Rapid Transit

By Juliana Moxley
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING — While walking down Grand River Avenue, Capital Area Transportation Authority, or CATA, buses pass you by, but a new transportation system may be added to the mix in the years to come. CATA, who was not available for comment after multiple attempts, has proposed the Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, as the newest transportation system. However, the BRT is not slated to make traveling to Old Town any easier than riding the current CATA buses, which is disappointing those who live and work in the district. CATA has made the proposal to implement the BRT into the transportation system for the Greater Lansing Area. With public transportation becoming increasingly popular in the area — in fiscal year 2012, ridership growth was attributed to a seven percent gain in demand for curb-to-curb transportation services, according to the CATA Community Report 2013 — the BRT will offer more advantages such as time efficient travel.