Democrats dominate Ingham County Board of Commissioners. Why?

By Griffin Wasik
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

Eleven out of 14 members on the Ingham County Board of Commissioners belong to the Democratic Party. And Democrats control all countywide elected offices as well, Democrat Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum of Onondaga said. “There are six countywide elected officials for Ingham County and they are all Democrats. Then there are the 14 commissioners that represent portions of the county,” only three of which are Republicans. That’s no surprise, given the county’s demographics.

Board of Commissioners recognizes MSU sexual assault program

By Blake Froling
Ingham County Chronicle 

The Ingham County Board of Commissioners formally recognized the 35th anniversary of Michigan State’s sexual assault awareness program during its March 24 meeting. Board member Penelope Tsernoglou presented the recognition to Lauren Allswede, a therapist with the program, and gave her a framed copy of the resolution. “I’ve heard really great things about it from the community, and we just wanted to recognize their anniversary,” said Tsernoglou. “I know they’ve been a big part of the MSU community and that a lot of other places don’t have programs like this, so we’re very fortunate to have this program.”

The sexual assault program was first established during the 1979-1980 school year and offers services such as a 24-hour crisis line, counseling for victims as well as medical support through Sparrow Hospital.  “We’re the first and oldest campus-based sexual assault program, and I think that speaks for itself because that’s not just Michigan, that’s nationwide,” said Bianca Segura, the advocacy coordinator for the sexual assault program.

Douglas J brownfield redevelopment: approved

By Merinda Valley
Meridian Times staff writer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP — The Ingham County Board of Commissioners has approved the Douglas J brownfield redevelopment project for the property in downtown Okemos. The Douglas J salon is now eligible for reimbursement of up to $328,900 to clean up contaminants in the site’s soil and buildings, and demolish the former Travelers Club, Triple Goddess Bookstore and White Bros. Music. The Ingham County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority will fund the project through a local tax capture that is projected to begin in 2014 and end in 2017. Following the cleanup, construction of Douglas J’s new salon, and office, residential and retail space will begin.