Powerful women: a herstory

Women have overcome obstruction on their way to leadership positions, but plenty of obstacles still exist for women pursuing those roles. Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential election could be considered the ultimate heartbreak in a career of service and fighting to break through a glass ceiling of leadership opportunities, but her campaign for the presidency changed women’s history no matter the outcome. Meet other women, primarily from Michigan, who have also made contributions to women’s history and broke through barriers to achieve in many different fields of work.

Who is winning the social media race? Presidential candidates’ morning on Facebook

Donald Trump is winning the Facebook popularity race as of 11 a.m. with his two posts receiving more than double the likes than Clinton’s six posts. Since the polls opened at 7 a.m., Trump has had over 102,000 shares, 527,000  likes, and 40,000 comments. With Clinton having over 45,000 shares, 241,000 likes, and 11,000 comments. Despite the fact Clinton has posted more than the Republican candidate, Trump’s two posts have had significantly more positive social media attention. With Trump leading the social media race on Facebook all week, his total likes surpassing Clinton’s by two million.

Photo gallery: Cher’s visit to Michigan State


With the 2016 presidential election just a week away, entertainer Cher came to Michigan State University to campaign on behalf of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Oct. 31. Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have been putting in a lot of time in Michigan and sending in allies as the state belongs in the “swing state” category. Recent polls moved Michigan out of the Clinton column and made the state’s Electoral College votes, a valuable prize on Election Day. These are scenes from Cher’s appearance at the Michigan State Student Union.

More than a non-registered voter

Marisa Lipcaman, a 20-year-old dietetics major at Michigan State, enjoys dancing and spending time with her friends and family. She minors in dance and is really interested in healthcare. “I feel that we over prescribe and rely on drugs heavily, which often have unpleasant side effects, so I want to use food as medicine,” said Lipcaman. Lipcaman, a junior who lives off campus, said her long-term goal is to work in a private practice and counsel people with clinical illnesses, or anyone that wants to start eating better. When she graduates, she’ll do a one-year internship and then take her exam to become a registered dietician.

Unconvinced and Underwhelmed, MSU Student Plans Not To Vote In Upcoming Election

East Lansing, Mich.– Michigan State hospitality business junior McKenna Kiiskila plans to vote in the future, just not yet. For her, this presidential election is certainly not worth breaking the seal over. “To be completely honest, I just didn’t side with either candidate, so I figured better to stay neutral,” Kiiskila, a 21-year-old from Romeo, Michigan, said. “Neither have my vote, so I don’t want to vote for either.”

Kiiskila said she’s not politically minded, and she isn’t “dialed in” to a lot of political occurrences at the smaller scale. As this is the first presidential election that Kiiskila is eligible to participate in, it’s the first time that she has considered registering or voting.

Millennials "Feel the Bern"

By Danielle Chesney
Entirely East Lansing

Millennial students are creating clubs to show their dedication to Bernie Sanders, such as the #FeelTheBern MSU group at Michigan State University. While older Democrats may favor Hillary Clinton as their prospective presidential candidate, a poll by NBC News in October 2015 shows that millennials are instead “feeling the Bern” with Bernie Sanders. The poll shows that 54 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 30 would choose to elect Sanders, outweighing Clinton’s 26 percent. “I think that millennials, because they’re young, are idealistic,” said Republican Merri Cullen, 60. “It’s probably one of the coolest ages to be, because you’ve got your whole life ahead of you and you haven’t been jaded yet.