Sexual objectification: Is it a problem? How do we solve it?

EAST LANSING, Mich. — During Halloween in 2016, Sharon Thomas, a human biology major at University of Michigan, was walking through the neighborhood of Cedar Village around 8 p.m. when a man called her from across the street. “He said, ‘Hey, baby, you look fine,’ then he ran over to me from across the road,” said Thomas.  “I didn’t really register what he was doing at the moment.”

Thomas said the man ran up to her and grabbed her waist while complimenting her. She pushed him away physically, but she couldn’t get him out of her mind.

Injuries among high school female athletes

By Lia Kananipuamaeole Kamana
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Writer

Injuries are nothing new in the sports world. Athletes are no strangers to sprains, strains, contusions, concussions and broken bones. In recent years, injuries amongst female athletes have been going up, especially lower leg injuries. The three most dangerous sports when it comes to these lower leg injuries are soccer, volleyball and basketball. Examples of lower leg injuries are ankle sprains and strains, hip problems, foot problems, shin splints, pulled muscles, and the knee.

LCC health fair reaches out beyond students to community members

By Gabriela Saldivia
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

LANSING- Tuesday Feb. 12 , Lansing Community College hosted their eighth annual health fair with 17 organizations from all over Ingham County. Organizations set up tables that lined the halls of the second floor of the Gannon Building, creating a bustling scene out of what is normally just a hallway. Ingham County Health Department, LCC counseling center, Walmart vision testing and Allen Neighborhood Center all had tables at the event. Many offered free services like rapid testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and gave away products and resources like smoothies and chair massages.

MHSAA tackles concussion issues with new protocol

By David Topham
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

INGHAM COUNTY—There isn’t anything quite like the brain. It is the most complex and vital organ in the human body. That is why protecting it has become a main priority of the Michigan High School Athletic Association in the past two years. Starting in 2010, the MHSAA launched a five-step protocol all high schools must follow during a contest in which an athlete is believed to have sustained a concussion. The protocol forces any athlete at risk of a concussion to come out of the game and be evaluated.