Humble history of Holt resident John Hayhoe

By Marina Petz
Holt Journal staff writer

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, John Hayhoe joked as he began discussing the ancestors of one of the most common farming family last names in the Delhi and Mason area. “My folks came from a rural background, my dad from Dansville who had nine brothers and sisters.” said Hayhoe, a Delhi Township trustee. “We had like 35 family members go through the Mason School District.”

Hayhoe’s father’s side of the family has lived in Michigan for more than 100 years. Although family members live near each other, Hayhoe says the farming career keeps them at a distance. “Our family is not very close,” said Hayhoe, who still resides in Holt.
“We’re farmers so we are all very independent and introverted.”

Hayhoe, his two brothers and sister lived in Dansville and Mason with their parents until his father moved the family to Holt in 1968.