Grosse Pointe Woods proposes amendment to vicious dog ordinance

Grosse Pointe Woods City Administrator Frank Schulte laid the foundations for an amendment to the Vicious Dog Ordinance at a Committee-of-the-Whole meeting on June 20. This proposal would streamline the process when a dog attack occurs and eliminate unnecessary court hearings. “I felt it was a redundant job for me to do,” said Schulte. “We hold court hearings every three weeks anyway.”

Schulte said that in the event of a dog bite or attack, the process for city administration is complicated. When an animal is involved in an attack and a ticket is written by a public safety officer, there are multiple meetings and follow-up hearings until a resolution is reached. 

“Instead of having multiple hearings with the city administrator, it excludes them and puts it right to where the final decisions are made anyway, which is municipal court,” said councilmember Kenneth Gafa.