A look at Lansing’s Historical Downtown Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Boundaries

By Ray Wilbur
Listen Up Lansing

Downtown Lansing is full of new and old business, government buildings, buses, and businessmen. Little known to most people are the historic residential neighborhoods that line the outskirts of the downtown area and that have fought to keep their place amongst a growing city. The downtown neighborhood boundaries include Oakland Avenue on the north side, the Grand River on the east and south, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on the west, according to the Downtown Neighborhood Association on DNA’s website. Those boundaries have evolved over the last 30 years because of city policy and zoning laws, former neighborhood resident Janet Lockwood said. “When I moved to downtown in 1985, the DNA covered an area from the river to MLK west to east and from I-496 to Grand River south to north,” Lockwood said.