Local charities vying for grant money

By Chloe Kiple
Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING — Over 90,000 adults in the greater Lansing area are functionally illiterate, or cannot read above a third grade reading level, according to the 2012 U.S. Census survey. This makes it difficult or impossible to complete daily tasks like reading food labels, pay stubs and the directions on a bottle of medicine. The Capital Area Literacy Coalition seeks to empower adults and children with weekly reading tutor services. “There’s not a lot of funding for [illiterate] adults,” said Di Clark, the assistant director of the Capital Area Literacy Coalition. “A lot of times the attitude is ‘they had their chance.’ The reality is, they probably didn’t.”

The group is one of many seeking money from the East Lansing Human Services General Fund Grant.

Grants promote safer teen driving

Capital News Service
LANSING – After its first year’s success, the Strive for a Safer Drive project is driving into its second year with more than double the number of participating schools. The program is a public-private partnership among AAA Michigan, Ford Driving Skills for Life and the Office of Highway Safety Planning. Jessica Russell, program manager, said 16 high schools participated last year. That number increased to 34 this year in 15 counties. “This year, the whole class or school clubs is participating in the project instead of the small groups in the past.