Controversy in Meridian Township due to CATA's proposed BRT system

By Riley James
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

CATA plans on adding two designated bus lanes right down the center of the Grand River Avenue corridor for the Route 1 bus. The bus rapid transit (BRT) system is expected to improve certain aspects of Grand River Avenue including traffic congestion, safety, and attractiveness. “CATA is not changing the entire system to a BRT system. CATA is proposing to change Route 1 to a Bus Rapid Transit line to improve travel for all modes along the corridor,” said Debbie Alexander, the assistant executive director of CATA. “When buses operate in their own lanes and use stations for boarding, the speed of travel for the bus rider is improved by up to 13 minutes, and the flow of auto traffic is improved because buses are not stopping frequently to drop off and pick up passengers along the 8.5-mile corridor,” said Alexander..

Bus Rapid Transit could replace CATA's Route 1 bus

By Griffin Wasik
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

A $143 million proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system could be finished as soon as 2018. The BRT would run from the Capitol to Meridian Mall via Michigan and Grand River avenues. It would also add a designated bus lane, remove current bus stops, and add traffic signals, according to Meridian Township documents. “The total cost of the BRT is not $133 million,” John R. Veenstra, a Trustee member on the Meridian Township Board of Commissioners, said. “Many people are getting this confused.

New apartments to be built on Grand River Avenue

By Riley James
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

No later than this spring, Campus Village developers plan to build a new apartment complex on Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township. The actual address where the new complex will be built is 2655 Grand River Ave. According to Greg Schaefer, vice president of operations, the apartments should be available in August of 2017. “We decided to propose this development because we felt there was a need in the market for more housing along the Grand River corridor. With the proposed BRT system along Grand River [Avenue] we feel this is an excellent time to increase density along the corridor by incorporating a mixed-use design with some of the existing retail.

Construction in Downtown East Lansing Could Affect Business

It is only the beginning of spring , yet construction is already rampant in East Lansing. As of March 4, M-43 (Grand River Avenue) from Coolidge Road to Abbott Road, and Michigan Avenue from Harrison Road to the split with M-43 has been covered with orange. Grand River Cafe owner John Miller and Crunchy’s manager Mike Kruger give their takes on what this construction could do to business. Beginning on May 6 a series of additional construction work will make its way down Grand River Avenue eventually reaching Park Lake Road.  All work should be finished by the beginning of October 2013

Road construction starts on Michigan Avenue and Grand River

By Max Lapthorne
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

The multi-million dollar road project in the heart of East Lansing is underway. Traffic is down to one lane going each direction from the west city limits to Michigan Avenue and Grand River Avenue. According to Michigan Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Karie Arend the project will be broken into several parts. “It’s being done in phases. The first section is in between Coolidge Road and Michigan Avenue,” said Arend.