Police making rounds at Grand Ledge High School

By Peter Nuttall
Living In The Ledge staff reporter

From Columbine, Colo., to Newtown, Conn., and just recently Roseburg, Ore., the unexpected gun violence that occurs at schools, a place where children should be learning, makes the situations that occur almost always a tragic one. And it’s a tragedy that seems to be happening far too often in the United States. Officer Chris Chester, of the Grand Ledge Police Department, is stationed at Grand Ledge High School to make sure Grand Ledge isn’t added to these lists of towns. He monitors and maintains the safety of the students/faculty. Not just at the high school, but also the middle schools, and the elementary schools.

Police Department History Unearthed

On Tuesday at the Grand Ledge Opera House, retired Grand Ledge Police Lt. Don McGillis told the public the stories and history that shaped their city’s police department. “During my whole career, I wondered what the early history was like,” McGillis said. “Prior to 1950, there was no information, no pictures, just a wall.”

The idea to compile a history of the 100-year-old department came from his cousin, St. Ignace, Mich., Mayor Paul Grondin, who researched similar histories for St. Ignace.