Highly-rated teachers + hard-working students = high graduation rate at Haslett High

By Katie Dudlets
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

HASLETT — Teachers at Haslett High School will go to any length to assure that the students in their classrooms are engaged and have the highest potential of meeting academic success. “I do a lot of pop culture references. I have Bart Simpson in the room for Simpson’s Rule in [calculus],” said Haslett High School teacher and Michigan Teacher of the Year recipient Kevin Tobe, pointing at a drawing of the popular cartoon character next to his math notes. “I’ve even convinced my classes that I love Kesha.”

With a graduation rate over 10 percent higher than the national average and a dropout rate of less than 5 percent, Haslett High School’s Principal Bart Wegenke accredits the school’s academic success to student engagement. “One of the expectations here is 100 percent engagement of students 100 percent of the time,” said Wegenke.

Graduation rates are sky-high at Grand Ledge High School

By Paige Wester
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

According to Public School Review, Grand Ledge can’t get any better at graduating its high school students. The Web site reports that the graduation rate at Grand Ledge High School is a perfect 100 percent. Steve Stoll, a Grand Ledge resident, said that the schools here are such a huge focal point of this town. “With Grand Ledge being such a small town, we as parents really get involved with our kids schooling and athletics,” Stoll said. “I always know what is happening with most of the kids because all of the parents are friends as well.”

Stoll, who has had two kids graduate from Grand Ledge High School recently, has seen the success and the few failures the school has had in the last decade.

Graduation rates rising in Delhi Township

By Carrie Lynch
Holt Journal staff reporter

There are many more high school diplomas around Delhi Township than there used to be. Statistics found from the Delhi Charter Township website show that 63.5 percent of the residents living there in 1970 over the age of 25 had a high school diploma. In 2000, that number had jumped to 90.1 percent, an almost 30 percentage point increase in graduation rates over those 30 years. According to Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis, a general increase in education levels across the nation is a key component of why more students are graduating. Davis said this is mainly due to the general increase of education in the nation.

Schools look bad while doing good

Capital News Service
LANSING – On-time high school graduation rates are down in Leelanau County, but is that a bad thing? 2011 graduation statistics look worse in Leelanau County, but it’s because Suttons Bay High School has taken on at-risk students whom the district knows won’t graduate in the standard four years, said Principal Raphael Rittenhouse. He said other districts around the state try to get at-risk students to drop out before they bring down graduations statistics – before ninth grade – or send them to alternative schools for the same reason. Suttons Bay has as many online students from districts across Michigan as local in-classroom students, Rittenhouse said. Many had been turned away from other districts.