Fireworks Glass Studios is heating up Williamston

With the frigid temperatures and snow-covered streets, one might step inside Williamston’s Fireworks Glass Studios out of curiosity, or to warm up. When they first walk inside, they will still feel the cold wind outside because the studio leaves the front door propped open. When they walk deeper into the studio, the temperature increases and they might even break a sweat. Lining the counter are dozens of hand-crafted glass art. Behind the counter are the people and machines that make them.

Bird-safe glass helps birdbrains avoid windows

Capital News Service
LANSING — You hear an unpleasant thud; unsettled and surprised you investigate. The culprit is a bird, dead on arrival. Like a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, birds are crashing into windows at alarming rates. Between 365 million and 988 million birds die annually from window collisions in the U. S. and Canada, according to a recent study. You may say, “Birds crash into windows, who gives a cluck?” Actually, quite a few people do.