Art isn't an Old Town problem. Getting the word out is

By Sakiya Duncan
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

Art is driving the community of Old Town and other areas. The problem is, do people know about the activities? Katrina Daniels is the program director for MICA (Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art) Gallery in Old Town, located at 1210 Turner St. Daniels shared her frustrations in running the gallery. “I found when I started working here that it is a challenge to communicate to the community what we are doing.”

Business expansions to Old Town

By Christine LaRouere
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING — For Old Town Lansing, the expansion of current stores not only helps the economy, but ties stores and shop owners together. Summer Schriner, owner of Grace Boutique, said her new space across the street from the temple would bring in better inventory and expand Old Town more east. “We are going to have twice the space there so we will be able to expand a little bit in our size run, in the lines that we carry and spread out overall,” Schriner said. “I think this move will just make it easier on everyone.”

In regards to helping Old town overall, Schriner said her planning on moving to a bigger space will help out other store owners because Bradly’s Home and Garden will be moving into her old space. “Bradly’s Home and Garden is moving next door, but they are cutting the whole back wall so my store and that space will be combined,” Schriner said.