Township’s deer management program maintains success

By Stephanie Hernandez McGavin
The Meridian Times

Land management coordinator Jane Greenway presented the progress of the Meridian Township’s deer management program to the township board on April 7. After numerous complaints from Meridian residents about deer overpopulation, damage to property and deer-vehicle collisions, the board authorized a deer management plan in 2011. The deer management program ended its hunting season on Feb. 28. There were 159 deer harvested and a drop in 43 reported deer-car collisions since 2013.

When it comes to food, pantries work all year

Capital News Service
LANSING – As food banks and food pantries across the state prepare for the challenges of the holiday season and talk of looming cuts to federal food benefits, there is one message they’d like you to carry well into the new year. People are hungry year-round. “The holidays are a busy time in volunteering and donating,” said Anne Schenk, senior director of advancement at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan in Detroit. “But sometimes people forget that we have these needs all year.”
Schenk said volunteers and donations tend to taper off in spring and plateau during the summer. That can be especially challenging, as donations are often in high demand when children are on spring and summer breaks – and not receiving meals at school.