New soccer field helps community integration

By Isaac Constans
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Hidden in the shadow of the Capitol, squeezed between 120’ x 60’ walls, on top of ground-up shoe soles and synthetic grass lies the international hub of Lansing. Beacon Field, opened Sept. 2, has quickly captivated neighbors and visitors as the prime location to meet a diverse crowd while communally enjoying “the beautiful game.”

Such has been the experience for Chad Stevenson and his three sons, Jacob, Matthew, and Nicholas. They make the four-minute drive to Beacon Field at least once a week, and he thinks the ritual has been hugely beneficial for his sons. “I think (Beacon Field) is special because these boys are playing players from all different countries and all different skill levels, and it’s definitely making them a lot better,” Chad Stevenson said.

Holt High remains hopeful after early season cancellations

By Ethan Merrill
Holt Journal staff writer

One of the harshest Michigan winters on record is causing games to be canceled and forcing practices indoors as Holt High’s spring sport season begins. The Rams’ coaches and athletes can do nothing but wait for field conditions to improve. “We’re just being patient, waiting for the snow to melt,” said Holt Athletic Director Rick Schmidt. “All other schools in the area are going through the same difficulties.”

With Holt’s spring break scheduled for April 7-11, most teams should be preparing to play their first game this week. Instead, swamped fields and inclement weather have already forced cancellations.