Red Cedar Antiques offers chance to escape, wander in the ‘chaos’

Tucked away in a corner, in an otherwise small crevice of Red Cedar Antiques, a room labeled “comics” sits idly — scores of memories and nostalgia packing the cramped quarters. In another corner, sports memorabilia flashes the legacies of legends from Michigan State to nearby Detroit. Those particular items are owner Todd Goodrich’s brainchild, his fingerprints firmly planted on a number of goods within the store. Though it isn’t just him; he estimates he has around 26 dealers who stock his shelves with items from the past. “I really like comics, I like sports memorabilia,” Goodrich said.

Youth development program at Briggs Public Library opens children up to reading

By Nathaniel Bott
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Thursday evenings in April at Briggs Public Library in St. Johns bring Marie Geller a certain kind of joy. Working for nearly 40 years as a children’s librarian with Briggs, there is nothing more rewarding for her than singing the welcome song with every toddler who attends her story time sessions. She has adopted the title of youth services coordinator at the library, and runs youth development programs for the kids in St.

Six Lansing-area fire stations receive grant

At fire departments, training happens all the time. It’s essential to the safety of both the firefighters and the people they protect, and according to Delhi Township Fire Chief Brian Ball, that training is about to get a lot easier, thanks a one million dollar state grant dispersed to six Lansing-area fire stations. “Instead of Delhi having to build and staff two more fire stations, I can use the city of Lansing for assistance and trust that they’ve been trained at the same level as Delhi as Delta, as Lansing Township or Meridian or East Lansing,” he said. Ball also said that the grant will allow for more up-to-date, specialized equipment. “We’ll get ballistic helmets, ballistic vests, we’ll get more medical treatment equipment, cots, studio monitor reviews, CPR machines,” he said.

Ena Busby portrays positivity at its finest

By Shanin Thomas
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING – Ena Busby has repeatedly reminded herself and Old Town residents that a positive attitude can push through anything. Cry at the End of the Day

Old Town’s “mayor,” Robert Busby, was  murdered 7 years ago on Feb. 27. He was known for not only rebuilding a broken community but revitalizing its open and artistic spirit. “We’re not going to be sad,” Ena Busby said.