Q & A about fluid fashion with Rebecca Schuiling

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Men and women’s fashion has had distinguishable characteristics according to how one separates between genders.  

Men’s fashion has been known to have more masculine characteristics — structured bottoms and tops.  Women’s fashion has a more feminine touch with loose fitting pieces that emphasize a female approach.  

Androgynous fashion is clothing that can be worn by both men and women. Recently, fashion has been blurring the lines between what is considered “gender specific.”

The Spartan Newsroom interviewed an individual who has opinions about what gender fluidity actually means to them and what is to come of androgynous fashion:

What do you do at MSU?

Lansing fashion industry is growing despite challenges

By Krista Wilson
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Michigan is home to the original car capital of the world and the classic Motown sound, but Michigan is slowly but surely developing an industry in the fashion world. Fashion Instructor at Lansing Community College Sarah Hegge said, “Michigan is in a tough spot, it definitely doesn’t get the recognition for fashion that it could, but the industry here is definitely growing.”

The establishment of places like the Runway in downtown Lansing and the Michigan Fashion Proto in Lansing help fashion designers build their brand in a state where establishing a fashion line may have its challenges. “The Fashion Proto puts the (fashion) industry in Lansing,” said Rebecca Clark, owner of Michigan Fashion Proto. “When I opened, this was the only resource for designers.”

The MFP, located on 735 E. Hazel St. in Lansing and founded in 2010, specializes in helping start-up fashion lines grow.