Local Facebook groups sew positivity by making masks

Alec GerstenbergerThe front window of the Seams fabric store

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, social distancing measures and wearing masks are important for slowing its spread. Forced to dock in Guam for two months after sailors contracted COVID-19, USS Theodore Roosevelt is an example of why safety measures matter. Out of the crew of nearly 4,800 sailors, tests showed that 1,273 of the carrier’s crew were infected. “Those wearing a face covering had a 55.8 percent infection rate versus those not wearing masks, who had a 80.8 percent infection rate,” according to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune. When Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” shelter-in-place order, masks were not required to be worn in public.

Less religion, more astrology – part II: The stars say you’re a loser

For young people struggling to embrace their identity, online astrology forums can be a safe space. The use of social media has taken astrology to new heights. Quizzes, guides and other articles written around the Zodiac signs tend to be a running theme on young media sites like Buzzfeed, babe and Refinery29, which are widely circulated on social media platforms.

Facebook groups are popular for users interested in a particular topic, and some of the more dedicated groups can foster a sense of community. Enter “the stars say you’re a loser,” one of the largest and most active astrology communities on Facebook. With 7,000+ members and thousands more added each month, it’s hard to believe that it has only been around for a year.

Who is winning the social media race? Presidential candidates’ morning on Facebook

Donald Trump is winning the Facebook popularity race as of 11 a.m. with his two posts receiving more than double the likes than Clinton’s six posts. Since the polls opened at 7 a.m., Trump has had over 102,000 shares, 527,000  likes, and 40,000 comments. With Clinton having over 45,000 shares, 241,000 likes, and 11,000 comments. Despite the fact Clinton has posted more than the Republican candidate, Trump’s two posts have had significantly more positive social media attention. With Trump leading the social media race on Facebook all week, his total likes surpassing Clinton’s by two million.

Social media keeps people informed in Grand Ledge

By Tanisha Edwards
Living in the Ledge

How do you stay updated on the latest things happening near you? For some Grand Ledgers, whether it is business or pleasure, they have adapted to the social media era and a city Facebook page was created. Mayor Kalmin Smith created the page two years ago hoping that the page would “benefit the community by improving communication about the many positive and beneficial activities that affect the quality of life in our town,” said Smith. Its purpose was to provide an additional tool for communication within the community. “Fewer and fewer people read newspapers and television and radio are really not reliable for coverage of the Grand Ledge community,” said Smith.

Garage sale season lasts yearlong in Grand Ledge

By Ariel Rogers
Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer
GRAND LEDGE – Garage sale season is alive and well even during the winter months on the Grand Ledge Area Garage Sale Facebook group. The group was started by Holly Jenks in October 2012 and currently has more than 3,300 members. “Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that in just 15 months we’d have nearly 4,000 members,” Jenks said. Jenks started the page in 2012 after seeing garage sale groups on Facebook and saw that there was not one for Grand Ledge. Members of the group post advertisements looking for used items to buy, or post their used items to sell.

Grand Ledge community Facebook page sees turbulent times

By Ariel Rogers

Grand Ledge Gazette staff writer
GRAND LEDGE – Controversial comments on the Grand Ledge Community Facebook page have triggered an uproar within the group. The page’s purpose is to strengthen the communication of Grand Ledge community members through technology, but some have missed the point completely. Mayor Kalmin Smith created the Facebook group two years ago “as an additional means to communicate information about what the city is doing, and to encourage residents to share ideas and information.”
Smith, the Facebook page’s administrator, has seen problems such as advertising and spamming within the group, but neither of those issues have been as problematic as aggressive and inappropriate users. “Mindless chatter and misinformation are challenges, but the biggest problem is nasty and rude behavior by a few,” Smith said. “A few months ago, an increasing number of people began using the discussions to exchange personal insults, use vulgar and offensive language and viciously attack individuals and groups.”

Turbulent times and controversy
The Grand Ledge Community Facebook group has 2,360 members and continues to grow.

Presidential debates meet with overwhelmingly negative response

By: Jessica Brown; Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

DeWitt, MI – Many DeWitt residents are criticizing both presidential candidates as the Nov. 6 general election approaches. President Barack Obama and challenger Gov. Mitt Romney are about to wrap up this election’s series of debates on Monday, Oct. 22 and it will be their last chance to win over much of the general public. The candidates faced off twice earlier this month, tackling the issues of both foreign and domestic policy.