Sparrow to expand in Lansing on old elementary school grounds

By Kristen Alberti
Listen Up, Lansing

Sparrow Health System has the go-ahead to build a new cancer center and parking structure, the Lansing City Council decided on Feb. 23, 2015. The new additions will be located on the south side of East Michigan Avenue, west of the current Sparrow Professional Building. This project is estimated to cost $64 million and will consist of a five-story professional building with a four-story parking structure in a total of 132,000 sq. feet, according to Sparrow’s rezoning application.

State may encourage industry by easing limits on breweries

Capital News Service
LANSING — The explosion of craft beer in Michigan has the Legislature hoping the industry could benefit from relaxed regulation. Numerous bills related to the beer and wine industries were passed in the House recently, many of them designed to encourage the industry to expand. The legislation would raise the limit of barrels produced by a microbrewery from 30,000 to 60,000. As of now, a brewer that produces more than 30,000 barrels can no longer be considered a microbrewery. Microbrewers are given some tax breaks and have some flexibility in the rules of the industry, such as the ability to sell growlers, or containers that can be filled to go.

Coffee Barrel looks to expand

By Drew Dzwonkowski
Holt Journal staff writer

The rain cloud over Michigan’s economy missed a spot – Holt’s own Coffee Barrel. Located at 2237 Aurelius, the shop caters to connoisseurs and beginners alike, and looks to expand in both hours and staff despite the tough times. “We’ve got a new sign coming in next week,” said Shawn Brenner, co-owner. “We’re going to try the extended hours with the new sign. We need to hire a couple more people.”

Since moving to the new location on Aurelius four years ago, Brenner has established a precedent in terms of quality and customer care, a precedent that has made The Coffee Barrel a signature element of Holt.

“It’s a really nice aroma in downtown Holt when we’re roasting,” Brenner said.