DeWitt Public Schools incorporate new teacher evaluation process

By Tiara Marocco
Staff Writer

DeWitt – DeWitt Public Schools Board of Education has implemented a new educator evaluation process this school year to encourage and improve teacher and student growth. According to the DeWitt Public Schools website, this evaluation focuses on four major categories, student growth and achievement, pedagogical skills, management of the classroom and professional responsibilities with each out of 25 points. Teachers are required to do a self-evaluation and in their first to fifth years of teaching, required to create an Individualized Development Plan (IDP) while tenured teachers must complete a Teacher Growth Goal (TGG).  All teachers are required to have an administrator walk through, observe their class and provide feedback.  They are also required to provide a goal reflection at the end of the school year. Depending on the teachers’ status of first year, probationary year or tenured, they are required to have a formal observation, make a pre-observation and post-observation form and mid-year evaluation. Creating the change

This evaluation process was changed because of the new law requiring a yearly evaluation.  Potter and administration took this time to not only change the evaluation to be fit for a yearly process but also to improve the way teachers and students progress throughout the school year with this evaluation.