School Board approves field trips to Germany, France

By Andrea Raby
Mason Times staff writer

On March 11, the Mason School Board approved two field trips for Mason High School students studying German and French to put their languages into practice. These trips, which occur every three years, will take place July of 2014. French teacher Margaret Cottrill leads a trip through France and German teacher Monica Norton leads a trip through Germany and parts of Switzerland. “This is the third time that I have been taking a group here from Mason,” Norton said. “Along the way we see a lot of historical sites and a lot of important sites for the language.

New farm workers come from Eastern Europe

Capital News Service
LANSING – Few people are interested in the hard, dirty toil of farm labor. But hard work is nothing new for some in a transitory lifestyle already long-lived. Experts from the Michigan Farm Bureau say an influx of farm workers from Eastern Europe seeks those gritty jobs because they’re used to doing them. Craig Anderson, who manages the agricultural safety and labor services department at the bureau, said an increasing number of workers from that area of the world are finding jobs involving dairy or livestock. Anderson said the increase is unlikely to make up for a feared labor shortage as the agricultural industry struggles to recover from last year’s unseasonable weather and drought.