Lawsuit seeks to assign blame for alleged groundwater pollution

By Ana Williams
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

Who is to blame for allegedly polluted groundwater in Lansing Township? An ongoing lawsuit seeks to find out. On May 8, 2014, Lansing Township filed a lawsuit in federal court within the Western District of Michigan, against Lansing’s Board of Water and Light (LBWL). The suit sought for recovery costs and damages of the North Lansing Landfill (NLL). There were harmful substances and contaminated ground water, due to slurry walls and fly ash.

Environmental Protection Agency proposes new regulations for coal-fired power plants

By Jenny Kalish
Lansing Star staff writer

       Following a 2010 study of air pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency will be taking new steps this December to reinforce national regulations for mercury and carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants. Anyone who has heard of global warming surely knows the dangers of high carbon dioxide emissions to our planet. But the health risks of airborne mercury are not as well understood. “When mercury gets in the atmosphere, it rains or snows, and brings it down into the watershed. Then it runs off into the streams, and from the streams into the rivers and back into the Great Lakes and into the fish,” said Dr. Frank D’Itri, a retired fisheries and wildlife professor at Michigan State University.