Meridian Township looking for help cover flood insurance costs

By Lauren Captain
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

OKEMOS — With winter coming to a close, some Meridian Township residents are hoping that snow melting over frozen ground won’t lead to severe flooding. Okemos deals with this type of problem every year. “The most severe spots for flooding in our area are at the corners of Okemos Road and Grand River Avenue, and this is something we have to expect each year around this time as winter comes to a close,” said Younes Ishraidi, the Meridian Township Public Works and Engineering Office’s chief engineer. In hopes of helping people living in flood-prone areas, Meridian Township officials are working on a plan to help residents pay their flood insurance premiums. Township officials recently proposed a grant option idea on Feb. 2 at the township board meeting.

MSU College of Engineering Design Day

It’s Design day at Michigan State. “A few long days in the shop and then we got it all done,” one student said. Visiting high school seniors were eager to learn and play. “Was the assignment given to you?” asked high school sophomore Adam DorstewitZ.

MSU’s Annual Design Day

Spartan engineers recently showcased their innovative designs at this year’s Design Day. The College of Engineering event took place at the Union on Friday, April 29th and showcased projects from a variety of courses. One of the major exhibits was the senior capstone project, which built designs for corporate sponsors, such as Boeing, GE, Chrysler and the U.S Air Force. However, Design Day wasn’t just a day for students to showcase their innovative designs, but also a day to connect with future employers.