Could unusual weather threaten St. Johns’ most popular destination? Uncle John’s Cider Mill not worried

By Brittany Flowers
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — Uncle John’s Cider Mill is number one on the list of things to do in St. Johns, according to TripAdvisor, but with 2016 being an El Niño year, could Uncle John’s apple growth be threatened? For president of Uncle John’s Cider Mill Mike Beck, there isn’t much of a concern. “I can’t see a month from now what could happen but as of right now, I mean there is no bloom, the trees are just coming out of dormancy,” Beck said.

As temperatures drop, so do sales in Old Town

By Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

Winters in Michigan can be rough and unbearable, and not residents but businesses are affected during the season. Old Town Lansing is not the exception. Lambs’ Gate Antiques owner Carol Lamb said she sees a decrease in sales during the colder months. “We are still pretty good in January, towards the end of January it slows down,” Lamb said. “People are tired of shopping.”

The store, located at 1219 Turner St., specializes in all sorts of antiques from across Michigan.