CMU students travel to Eastwood Towne Center to get what they can’t find in Mount Pleasant

Located less than five miles away from Michigan State University, Eastwood Towne Center attracts more shoppers than just Spartans and Lansing natives. Haley Garr, a sophomore at Central Michigan University, said that Eastwood is one of two large-scale shopping centers including Midland Mall that CMU students routinely travel to on the weekends. “The shopping scene in Mount Pleasant is very minimal, we don’t really have any stores and the ones that we do have are all pretty similar,” Garr said. “Mount Pleasant has large scale stores like Meijer, Walmart and Target, but its a lot of the same things everywhere.” According to Garr, CMU students are willing to travel about 60 miles to shop at Eastwood’s trendier clothing stores like Forever 21, American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret.

Plans for Walmart extension delayed by township planning commission

The grassy area beside the Walmart store in Eastwood Towne Center may be a construction site for an extension to the Walmart, but only if the site plan can make it past the Lansing Township Planning and Development Commission. Video by Rachel Beard. By Rachel Beard and Ana Williams
Lansing Township News Reporters

Walmart has been planning an extension to their store in Eastwood Towne Center since 2003, and although the plan was scheduled to be complete in January 2015, recent setbacks have put their plans on hold once again. “We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers in Lansing, but we have no news to announce at this time,” Walmart spokesperson Anne Hatfield said. Walmart originally started working on a plan for the extension with the Lansing Township planning commission back in 2003, but the economic recession in 2008 delayed their plans for construction to 2015.

Is a Dave & Buster’s coming to Lansing Township? Rumors say yes, but officials say maybe not

By Ana Williams
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

Lansing Township officials and residents are excited about a possible Dave & Buster’s being brought to Lansing. “Yeah, I’ve been to Dave & Buster’s before,” said 20-year-old Lansing resident Tyreeze Weddington. “I really liked how I was able to play around as if I was still a kid and an adult at the same time. Such as with the basketball games and online gambling for real money at the casino games, and even the photo booths. “It is a very fun experience when you attend with family and friends.

Interim supervisor looks to township’s future

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

This November, Lansing Township voters will be voting for more than just a new president of the United States. They’ll also be voting for a new supervisor for the township. On Feb. 26, Kathleen Rodgers served her last day as the Lansing Township supervisor after more than 27 years in township government. Former board of trustees member Diontrae Hayes took her place on Feb.

Large commercial areas in Lansing Township contrast with residential areas

By Grant Essenmacher
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

With just under five square miles of land, Lansing Township has only 8,126 residents according to the 2010 U.S Census. The residential areas of the township have become obsolete and big business chains have moved in. The contrast between large commercial shopping areas and the smaller, less developed residential areas of Lansing Township is stark. Many chain businesses have relocated to the township, while apartment complexes and smaller neighborhoods have become more popular. Jason Mullen, a Lansing Township resident and frequent shopper at Eastwood Towne Center, has noticed the difference between the two.

Eastwood Downtown Development Authority bond payments add up

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

In order to develop commercial areas to their fullest potential, it is common for governments to rely on bonds to pay for these developments. Lansing Township is no exception. But at the end of the day – or fiscal year – who is responsible for paying off these bonds? “The DDA (Downtown Development Authority) pays all of the bond payments,” Lansing Township Treasurer Leo Rodgers said. “No bond payments are made from Lansing Township’s operating budget.”

What exactly does this mean?

Construction begins on $30 million Eastwood expansion project

By Nick Somoski

LANSING TOWNSHIP – After years of discussions and delays, construction officially began Oct. 9 on the Eastwood expansion project. According to officials from DTN Management, the main development company and financer involved with the project, the expansion of the Eastwood site on Lake Lansing Road and U.S. 127 will include a new apartment complex and two new hotels. The Vista luxury apartments and Hyatt Place Hotel will be a part of “The Heights at Eastwood,” a development site that also includes office and retail space. A second hotel – Fairfield Inn & Suites – will be built on the east side of Preyde Avenue.