Lansing lacking in giving domestic abuse victims a place to sleep

By Ella Kovacs
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Domestic violence and relationship abuse happens all over the world, the United States, and Michigan. In big cities like Lansing, where there are many people in a concentrated area, it is vital for victims and survivors to have access–preferably easy access–to resources that will help and support them. For many women, the first resource they would think of is the police. But victims also need a place to sleep. Ruth Sternaman, a counselor at the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, said that in the Lansing area, housing assistance for victims could be improved as well as child protective services.

EVE tries to ease domestic violence

By BriAnn Harvey
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – End Violent Encounters, otherwise known as EVE, provides shelter and supportive services for the victims of domestic violence while seeking to end the violence through public awareness and community education. EVE is a non-profit organization that provides services to shelter and non-shelter residents of Ingham County. EVE was the first domestic violence program in Lansing and was founded on Dec. 15, 1977, by Diane Windischman. EVE offers free and confidential programs which include a 24-hour crisis line, a 365-day shelter, advocacy, counseling, a personal protection order office, children’s services, community education, dating violence prevention education, court advocacy, and a domestic violence support unit.