Grand Ledge Police Department’s most valuable four-legged member.

By Peter Nuttall
Living In The Ledge Staff Reporter

He walks on four legs and is covered in fur and doesn’t look like a normal member of the Grand Ledge Police Department, but it has been confirmed that he can do things that no other officer in Grand Ledge can do. Grand Ledge’s current canine that is tasked with helping keep Grand Ledge safe is D’Ash, a Belgian Malinois, that works with his partner, police officer Justin Barber. Barber is going on 10 years at the Grand Ledge Police Department and has been working with D’Ash since 2011. “Every cop wants to do it,” said Barber when asked how he got involved with the canine unit. “I love dogs, working with dogs.

Residents are pursuing a dog park in DeWitt

By Kamen Kessler
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff reporter

DEWITT — A group of DeWitt residents are pursuing approval from the city to open up a fenced-in dog park. While DeWitt has a few different parks, none of them allow dog owners to let their pet off the leash to roam free. The Dog Park for DeWitt, Mi group is trying to change that by meeting with the city and township. “It is refreshing to have a group of citizens driving the idea rather than the government. A good public-private partnership would only improve the quality of life here,” DeWitt Charter Township Manager Rod Taylor said.

Lansing company We Love Kids and Dogs moves to new location in Meridian Mall

By Samantha VanHoef
The Meridian Times

Dog bowls, Strider Bikes and robots line the walls. On the floor, a brightly colored rug sits while four sets of paws scamper through the 900-square-foot space. But by August 2015, We Love Dogs and Kids will move within the Meridian Mall to a location four times larger than its present size within the Meridian Mall. We Love Kids and Dogs started as a way for Melissa and Chris Allen to sell dog bowls designed to keep the long ears of some dog breeds out of the food and water in their bowls. After travelling to sell the “Poochie Bowl,” the couple decided to move to a storefront in the Meridian Mall.

Dog training, owners learning new tricks

By Kelsey Banas
The Meridian Times

The Parks and Recreation Department is offering First Class Dog Training classes held by Hector Hernandez. Hernandez is a former law enforcement officer, police K-9 instructor and professional dog trainer for all breed groups. Hernandez led the second day of basic obedience training, having the dogs learn with verbal commands to heel, sit and stay. Hernandez had owners, as they arrive, put special training collars on their dogs. After, he had the owners walk their dogs only on their left side.