Potholes aplenty at DeWitt Public Schools’ parking lots and access roads

By Holly Osmer
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — DeWitt has a growing community, and part of that is due to their quality schools. When it comes to public schools, quality does not just entail the standard of education. The status of school facilities is just as important. DeWitt Public Schools’ Schavey Road Elementary School, Herbison Woods School, Dewitt  Junior High, and DeWitt High School all share parking lots as well as roadways for access. While everything is generally well-maintained, some of DeWitt Public Schools’ parking lots have developed a few areas of cracks and pot holes.

DeWitt gives back on Veteran’s Day

By Connor Clark
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — Once upon a time, soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War were badly mistreated when they arrived back home, according to Vietnam War veteran David Laycock. “When I came home I was beaten three days later in the streets of Lansing,” Laycock said. “They ripped up my uniform and would spit on me.”

Although the widely-unsupported war maybe an extreme example, DeWitt Public Schools and businesses paid tribute to all veterans with ceremonies and donations on Nov. 11. Christy Stehouwer was in attendance for the ceremony.