New coordinator at DDA board in Delhi

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality introduced Janet Michaluk as their new coordinator during the Downtown Development Authority meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Michaluk will act as a resource to the authority and the community, providing information and environmental developments within the Delhi township. The regions that Michaluk has been assigned to are Gratiot County, Lapeer County, Genesse County, Shiawassee County, South Central Prosperity Region and Livingston County.  


“I’m here to get out to the community and be a resource,” said Michaluk during the meeting.

Energy-efficient improvements pitched to township board

By Jalen Smith
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

The idea of making Holt a more energy efficient city was brought up at Delhi Township’s April 5 board meeting. Dick Williams from Honeywell, a contracting company, wants to make Delhi more energy-efficient by modifying furnaces, air conditioning units, and hot water tanks in city-owned buildings so that they use less energy. They also want to put in LED light bulbs in streetlights. With these changes Williams has estimated that the city of Holt will save thousands of dollars annually with these new improvements. “We want to make Delhi more energy-efficient, and cut the township back on unnecessary spending on energy that’s not being used,” said Williams.

No vote happened for this proposal at this meeting.

Chronic wasting disease brings new rules for deer hunters

By Courtney Kendler
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

With the Michigan deer-hunting season in full swing, local hunters should be conscious of new hunting regulations being enforced due to the presence of chronic wasting disease in deer. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has created new regulations that will prohibit the possession or salvage of deer that have been killed in motor vehicle collisions and will also enforce the mandatory testing of deer during the hunting season. The goal of these new regulations is to “help determine the geographic distribution and magnitude of the disease and lower deer population density, which may lower the propensity for further disease transmission,” said National Wildlife Health Center Emerging Disease Coordinator Bryan Richards. According to information from the DNR, the first case of chronic wasting disease, a neurological disease found in deer and elk that attacks the brain and produces small lesions that result in death, was confirmed in Meridian Township in April 2015. Two additional cases have also been confirmed so far this year.

Delhi Township to hold public hearing for Kiwanis Park bathroom proposal

By Ethan Merrill
Holt Journal staff writer

The Delhi Charter Township Park Commission approved a motion 6-0 on Wednesday, Feb. 12, to hold a public hearing on March 12, regarding the proposed Kiwanis Park restroom overhaul. Delhi Township Parks & Recreation Director Mark Jenks spoke to the board for around 40 minutes about the need for a new restroom in Kiwanis Park, and his desire to increase public support for the upcoming hearing. “This is a needed project, and one that is long overdue,” said Jenks. “The current restrooms are existing under less than desirable conditions.”

The estimated cost of the new facility, according to Jenks, will fall between $250,000-370,000.

Delhi passes Non-Discrimination Ordinance

By Andrew Hayes
Holt Journal staff writer

The toughest non-discrimination ordinance in the state received unanimous approval from the Delhi Township board Oct. 1. The ordinance attempts to protect members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community from being denied service, employment or housing because of their sexual orientation or identity. The ordinance provides the most severe punishments in the state. It carries a $500 fine for a first offense, $750 for a second and $1,000 for a third.

More new businesses choosing Delhi to set up shop

By Josh Sidorowicz
Holt Journal staff writer

When Joe Garcia and his wife Erika opened their Snap Fitness gym, 2040 N. Aurelius Road, in December of last year they immediately recognized the appeal of the Holt-Delhi Township community. “I chose Holt because here I was able to put one of these fitness centers right in the neighborhood, right in the middle of Holt,” Joe said. “I wanted to create a neighborhood gym with a community feel and it’s straightforward and very easy to do business here.”

Since 2009, the number of new businesses in Delhi Township has doubled as the community continues to offer incentives and other various programs to attract business owners to the area. Unveiled at the Oct. 4 Delhi Township Board of Trustees meeting, the Municipal Performance Dashboard—which includes data regarding the township’s fiscal stability, quality of life and economic strength—showed a steady increase in the number of new businesses opening up in the township from 10 new businesses in 2009 to 20 new businesses in 2010.

Farmer's market brings variety, unique products to Holt

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By Mo Hnatiuk
Holt Journal staff writer

HOLT — “When I asked 10 people what they looked for in a farmer’s market, I got ten different answers,” Chuck Grinnell, market manager of the Holt Farmer’s Market, said. When Grinnell was first asked to put together the farmer’s market in Holt, Mich. three and a half years ago, he wanted to create something unlike the cookie-cutter markets that are wide-spread across Mid-Michigan. “I don’t want to say we do it better, because every farmer’s market has their own personal attraction, but we are a rural, farm market.” Grinnell said. “Plus, we’re one of the only indoor farmer’s market in the state.”

The Holt Farmer’s Market hosts local venders who sell a wide-variety of products such as free-range meat, baked goods, fresh produce and home-made cosmetics.

Coffee Barrel looks to expand

By Drew Dzwonkowski
Holt Journal staff writer

The rain cloud over Michigan’s economy missed a spot – Holt’s own Coffee Barrel. Located at 2237 Aurelius, the shop caters to connoisseurs and beginners alike, and looks to expand in both hours and staff despite the tough times. “We’ve got a new sign coming in next week,” said Shawn Brenner, co-owner. “We’re going to try the extended hours with the new sign. We need to hire a couple more people.”

Since moving to the new location on Aurelius four years ago, Brenner has established a precedent in terms of quality and customer care, a precedent that has made The Coffee Barrel a signature element of Holt.

“It’s a really nice aroma in downtown Holt when we’re roasting,” Brenner said.