Hiking trails make Dehli Township more appealing, official says. So expect more

By Ashley Gibbard
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Delhi Township is using its non-motorized transportation plan it make its community more appealing to potential homeowners of all generations. “We want to open things up and have as much space for new parks and trails as possible, by doing so along with adding new sidewalks and running infrastructure underground we have already seen an increase in people from a younger generation buying homes here,” Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis said. “It makes it more inviting.” Passed in 2007, the plan is more a part of the community than ever, with the addition of the new Ram Trail and the idea of even more trails being added in the future. “We definitely have plans for even more trails,” Davis said.

New trails create buzz in Delhi Township

By Courtney Kendler
Holt Journal staff reporter

Runners, bicyclists and outdoor enthusiasts are discovering new ways to embrace the community, with the many new trails sprouting up throughout Delhi Township. Three such trails have been developed in Delhi Township over the last decade. The first was the mile-long Valhalla Trail, completed in 2006. This was followed by the 2.1 mile long Sycamore Trail in 2014. All 3 trails have been funded, in part, by different grants allocated by the State of Michigan and the Delhi Township general fund.

Delhi trails now entirely non-motorized pathways

By Ryan Kryska
The Holt Journal

The Delhi Trails are now entirely non-motorized pathways through Delhi Township’s latest addition to the Sycamore trail. The Delhi Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor of the motor-free provision at its meeting on Oct. 7, 2014. The Sycamore trail located between Jolly and Willoughby roads provides the community with the luxury of having all of its trails connected and motor-free. Township Supervisor C.J. Davis said the trail did not cost taxpayers any money and the board is looking into ways to further provide the trails with inexpensive bike racks that double as art.