Will new East Lansing marijuana proposal help Lansing dispensaries?

By Kristen Alberti
Listen Up, Lansing

With the possible decriminalization of marijuana looming in East Lansing, Lansing dispensaries and resource centers don’t seem to be too troubled by the possibility of more competition popping up in East Lansing. On May 5, East Lansing voters will decide whether to decriminalize marijuana in the community, following a similar move by Lansing in fall of 2013. Tiffany Savoie, manager of Pure Options located on South Pennsylvania Avenue, would like to see more dispensaries open in hopes that they follow laws correctly, unlike some that are open now. Pure Options is a provisioning center that unites caregivers and medical marijuana patients, and also provides medicine for those patients. “I think that it would be a good thing if the proposal passed because it would set into place rules and regulations that a lot of dispensaries in the area aren’t abiding to,” said Savoie.